Triad #1

EM Records


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A fine collection of unreleased recordings from From Scratch, organized by Phil Dadson in New Zealand in the mid-1970s and leaving a number of excellent minimal pieces. A special release, timed to coincide with From Scratch: 546 Moons, an interactive survey exhibition on the sonic innovation and invented instruments of renowned art/music ensemble, From Scratch. This special collection spans the first three decades of their career. It includes the previously unreleased Triad #1 (1978), the first digital release of Drum/Sing (1984) and Fax to Paris (1990). It comes accompanied by a 16-page full-colour booklet with rare images and comprehensive commentary. 


1. Triad # 1 (1978)
2. Drum / Sing (1984)
3. Fax to Paris (1990)