Guiding Hand (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP


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Recording for Guiding Hand began in late 2020 isolated within the mountains & valleys of Utah. The album came together slowly over the following months with different ideas emerging from life on the road, late night with friends, and a close passing. As Luc likes to note, “the album was developed through rooms, between phases”, a phrase which represents the transient nature of Luc’s life, a theme explored throughout the record.The title of the album, Guiding Hand, is a symbolic representation of the unseen force that propels us forward, particularly during the most challenging moments; the intangible energy that gives us the motivation to take our first steps, the courage to speak our truth, and the creative inspiration to trust in our ideas. For the past two years, this positive force has played a crucial role in helping ford. overcome the most challenging obstacles, both in his album writing process and personal life. . Although still young, these eclectic life experiences can be felt deeply through ford.’s music -- a sound which is undoubtedly unique while simultaneously universal.


1. Tell Me (Anew)2. The Pace3. In Motion (feat. A Beacon School)4. Magnolia / Blue Moss5. Carousel6. Fly*7. EVERYTHINGSALRIGHT8. Hidden Sound9. Everyday (Far From)