Swim Up Stream

Fang is the creative outlet for the considerable talents of Ben Howe (Superette) and Sonya Waters (Instigators, Thompson Twins). Their 3rd album Swim Up Stream features three new members - Bronwen Robertson (violin/guitar), Tom Clark (guitar) and Brignall Wood (drums) and has the usual sparse rhythms, haunting keyboards, dark violins, angular guitars....plus more.

"The album is called Swim Up Stream because making quality music is never easy. The struggle to try and find something new is a hard but necessary road. On this album the left-of-center melodic hooks remain, and they continue to be embedded in minimalist rhythms, haunting keyboards, dark violins and angular guitars. But the tracks on this album also represent a more focused and dynamic Fang: better performances, better production and better songwriting. The first three singles I Can’t Help It, Yellow, and Something Good are the more accessible end of the album. Other tracks on the album such as Milkshakes and Orange, A Reckless Moment or Snowtown are more expansive and cinematic in scope."


1. Where Are You Now?
2. Something Good
3. Crystal Clear
4. Snowtown
5. Milkshakes and Orange
6. Yellow
7. Pony
8. My Love Follows You
9. I Can't Help It
10. I Knew You Once
11. Silvereye
12. You Are So Different
13. In A Reckless Moment