Spirit Lights


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"It wasnt so long ago that the debut Family Cactus album ‚Come Howling was creating quite a stir. Two odd years and multiple odd line up changes later, the follow up ‚Spirit Lights is here to comfort and warm the cockles over these colder months. The Wellington six-piece, led by patriarch Adam Ladley, have provided us with an album that at once is a progression from its predecessor a rollicking, very developed (not to mention warm and polished sounding), and ultimately (especially towards the end) dark version of bright pop songs. Fields And Fields is propelled by an incessant drum, the melody instantly familiar and engaging. Neighbourhood is a big adult pop track with a trippy little breakdown in the middle. Moss Green Cape is an example of the type of brooding nature this band can take on kind of like a more lively Unbelievable Truth. The Family Cactus sweet spot sits somewhere between desolate and dreamy. Witness the darker afflicted closing four tracks from Dark Science to Spirit Lights. Throughout, the musicality is undeniable, this is an enduring and alluring album. Recorded by Jordan Stone at Roundhead and Lee PrebbleThe Surgery and mastered at Sterling Sound in New York."
NZ Musician - Shaun Chait

Artist: Family Cactus
Title: Spirit Lights
Catalog Number: AHR049
Label: Arch Hill Recordings
Formats: LP, CD + Digital
Year: 2011

Track List:
  1. Fields And Fields
  2. Empty Nest Egg
  3. Neighbourhood
  4. Moss Green Cape
  5. Lake Abe
  6. Abe Mistake
  7. Dark Science
  8. Whole & Red
  9. Dragon Flies
  10. Spirit Lights

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