Remember The Silver (Reissue)

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‘Remember the Silver' is the debut studio album by New York by-way-of Pennsylvania musician Emily Yacina. Written over the span of two years and recorded / co-producer with Eric Littmann (Julie Byrne, GABI, Yohuna) ‘Remember the Silver’ represents a fundamental shift in Yacina’s approach and method to bringing her songs into the world.Across it’s 12 songs ’Silver' weaves an intimate and prismatic picture of the spark of new love, the way grief clings to the spirit and the small moments where magical things still feel possible. Gone is the lo-fi home-recorded feel that long-typified Yacina’s previous work, confidently making way for a welcomed clarity that allows every corner of her first-rate songwriting to shine through.The title ‘Remember the Silver’ is lifted from a book by Dana Redfield about alien abduction where the subject uses the line as a private mantra to remind herself of how her experiences are real, despite the disbelievers around her. Similarly the songs on ’Silver' exist as reminders of experiences throughout a life cloaked in the kind of emotional subjectivity that, when looking back, can feel almost unreal in their beauty or loneliness. They’re monuments to the complexity and the realness of love, and the beauty or isolation that can be amplified.


  1. Only 
  2. Stephanie 
  3. Siren Song 
  4. Arcades & Highways 
  5. Secret Drawer 
  6. Gleaming 
  7. That's Where I See You 
  8. Bleachers 
  9. Talk Talk Talk 
  10. Better Off 
  11. 96th Street 
  12. Funny Timing