Mother of Gloom

Vinyl LP

Fishrider Records is thrilled to (re)release Emily Fairlight's Mother of Gloom on vinyl.

Although its New Zealand rural Gothic/Texas borderlands feel make "Mother of Gloom" an elusive creature, the prevalence of acoustic guitar and intimate sharing of lived experience point to what Fairlight self-deprecatingly calls “doom-folk”.

Her vocal style - a stark, haunting tone with a powerful vibrato, teak-hard yet soft as crushed velvet - elicits comparisons to PJ Harvey, Bridget St John, Emmylou Harris and Cat Power, musicians with distinctive voices and the lyrical power to conjure a kind of experiential realism.

The recordings were mixed by Ben Edwards’ at his Sitting Room studios near Lyttelton harbour where New Zealand folk and country sensations Aldous Harding, Delaney Davidson, Marlon Williams and Nadia Reid created their breakout works.


A1. Body Below
A2. Drag The Night In
A3. The Escape
A4. Water Water
A5. Private Apocalypse
A6. The Desert
B1. Time's Unfaithful Wife
B2. Sinking Ship
B3. The Bed
B4. Nurture The Wild
B5. Loneliest Race
B6. Breathe Baby Breathe