Elliott Smith

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Elliott Smith’s 1995's self titled second album is an utterly depressing album to its core.

It’s full of some of the most haunting and beautiful songs you’ll ever hear, but it’ll take a toll on your mood by the end of it. It’s littered with reoccurring themes of drug abuse, feeling strung out, and self hatred throughout the tracklist.

Smith’s sound is at its most intimate and vulnerable here. Occasionally accompanied by a ghostly lead guitar, a harmonica, an organ, or some light drums, it’s mostly just Smith and his guitar which gives the album this bare stripped down sound and makes this record feel as alienating as it does. 


A1. Needle In The Hay
A2. Christian Brothers
A3. Clementine
A4. Southern Belle
A5. Single File
A6. Coming Up Roses
B1. Satellite
B2. Alphabet Town
B3. St. Ides Heaven
B4. Good To Go
B5. The White Lady Loves You More
B6. The Biggest Lie

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