Prism of Pleasure (Vinyl LP, Pink)

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Vinyl LP (Pink)



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Forging a path for other LGBTQ+ artists in her field, Cardiff-born electronic artist DJ Elkka has announced a game-changing new album on Ninja Tune. Having built a scene running queer club nights, running her own label, and winning over crowds one dance floor at a time, Elkka has finally announced her own debut LP. With the label throwing words like cavernous, joyful, syrupy, and glistening around, electronic music fans best turn an ear and get in on the ground floor. - Flying Out

Cardiff-born producer and DJ Elkka announces her transcendent debut album Prism Of Pleasure. To celebrate the announcement, Elkka has shared the sweetly intimate lead single ‘Make Me’, a delicious yet cavernous electronic dance track that explores Elkka’s sensual joy as a bold, queer woman. “Make me love you, make me love you, make me love you,” so begins ‘Make Me’; all heavy repetitive beats and glistening, syrupy vocal samples. Much of Elkka’s debut album Prism of Pleasure is like this: warmth and coldness rubbing against each other sonically, pulling the listener in unexpected directions. “I like to go through different genres and moods and surprise you,” says Elkka. Written over the space of 18 months, Prism of Pleasure encapsulates Elkka’s essence as an LGBTQ+ artist who pushes freedom and sensuality to the forefront of her work. It hasn’t always been like this: born and raised in South Wales, with next to no queer community in her immediate vicinity, Elkka had to piece together her identity slowly and curiously, gradually finding herself along the way. After coming out and moving to London in her 20s, the musician started DJing, writing and producing, which eventually led to her launching her own record label, femme culture, and running her own queer club nights off the back of that. “I think sometimes things unlock, and start to make sense and then you just follow it,” Elkka says now. “I started to go out more and become part of a community. I was more confident in myself, so I was more confident in writing and producing – it all came together at the same time.”

  1. Break All My Walls Down
  2. Right Here
  3. Make Me
  4. Crushhh (Feat. John Carroll Kirby)
  5. Air Tight (Feat. Dot Major)
  6. Your Skin
  7. Passionfruit (Feat. John Carroll Kirby) 
  8. I Just Want to Love You 
  9. Surrender2me
  10. Fckd It

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