Drum Money (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP
A must-listen for anyone who appreciates genre-defying, boundary-pushing music from Africa, Ekiti Sound is back with his sophomore release, delivering a gorgeous and powerful album and a worthy follow-up to 2019’s award-winning debut ‘Abeg No Vex’

Drum Money is a sonic ride which seamlessly incorporates elements of Nigerian music, electronic beats and hip-hop influences to create a sound that is both utterly unique and warmly familiar.


1 Alacarte Pt.1
2 Fuji
3 Chairman
4 Free the Boy
5 Ebi Pa Mi
6 Drum Money
7 Dabaru
8 Jiji Mo Ji
9 Ku Ise
10 Ghost Leader
11 Raindrops
12 Story Story
13 Home
14 Mami Water
15 Alacarte Pt.2