Birds In The Ground (Reissue)

Vinyl LP


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While Duster went into hibernation in the year 2000, Clay Parton's four-track never stopped rolling. Recorded alone at home over several years, Birds In The Ground is an album of 30-something, post-9/11 malaise. Under his Eiafuawn (Everything Is All Fucked Up And What Not) acronym, Parton hides beneath layers of fuzzy and clean guitars, his hesitant, cottony vocal disappear into noise. This deluxe pressing is packaged in a gorgeous tip on sleeve and includes the complete lyrics for this cryptic entry of the Dusterverse.

Released on Parton’s long-running The Static Cult Label in 2006, the album was ignored upon release, though managed to get a one-time pressing on the Swedish Pillowscars imprint a couple years later. An album’s worth of songs were dribbled out on a few Internet forums but a follow up never materialized. “That sweet studio deal never worked out, and the tape machines are just collecting dust in the garage,” Parton last wrote of the project.


1. Bunny
2. No More Like That
3. Birds
4. The Voice of Music
5. Bees
6. The Coffin Was So Light I Thought It Might Float Away
7. Good God Y'all
8. Secret Gypsy Language
9. On a Peoplemover
10. Two Thousand Twelve
11. The Drunk Pilot and the Romantic Passenger
12. Modulator Hustle