Burns & Tubbs Vol. III

Vinyl 12"
Batman and Robin, Bert and Ernie, Bill and Ted... history is full of dream duos, and now Aotearoa has its own mythic pairing in electronic enchanter Eden Burns and globetrotting dab hand DJ Christopher Tubbs! In case you hadn't guessed from the title of this 12", our dynamic double act are back with their third collaboration on Public Possession. A-side Where Were U In 92 is a dream throwback to early 90s dancefloor days, while the squire for hire himself, Nathan Haines, does his thing on the b-side On&On, and its Bullet Train remix. - Flying Out

Tubbs & Burns
go On&On. The highly anticipated Volume III of their collaboration is out in February 2024 Balearic Big Room sounds with a lot of class, that will surely end up in a lot of D.J. Bags. It’s deep, it’s uplifting, it’s fast & furios. It’s —> Tubbs&Burns.

  1. Where Were U in 92? 
  2. On&On (Ft Nathan Haines) (Original Mix)
  3. On&On (Ft Nathan Haines) (Bullet Train Mix)