Big Beat Manifesto Vol. VIII

Vinyl 12"

Public Possession rolls out another of its Big Beat Manifestos here with Eden Burns once again at the buttons for volume 8. He is a master of inventive house grooves that have a little something extra which always stands them apart. The opener here is a case in point - it has car horns and Spanish vocal mutterings dropping in and out of a minimal grove to weird effect. There is some spraying acid energy to the more pumping 'Hopeless Beat' while the flips has a darker and more experimental cut in 'Xoh' which also comes as a dub, plus the icy deep house chills of '7 Loop.'


  1. Puzzle Loop 
  2. 7LOOP 
  3. Hopeless Beat 
  4. Xoh 
  5. Xoh Dub 
  6. Overnover