Vinyl LP

Appropriating pop and experimental music into a familiar swirl, while retaining a fresh outlook and approach, Dunes inhabit a space of tweaking, twisting, imagining moments and emotions from the past, destined to end up as their future. Having released a handful of singles and EPs, Dunes are primed to release a full length to the world. Together, here is a blend of three people experimenting and working towards a common goal, these undoubtably great pop songs sink in further as you listen more and more, and no where is this more evident than on their first full length and newest release. This is a well thought out record, moments can bring you to the crafty and whimsical pop of The Cocteau Twins, while staying stripped down to feel as though it may be through the lens of Richard Hell, or as anxious as R. Stevie Moore, it all makes sense as the songs go by and get inside, you feel a great joy for a band to exist in the manner in which you thought couldn't.


  1. Jukebox
  2. Lonely Palm
  3. Vertical Walk
  4. Red Gold
  5. Living Comfortably
  6. Falling
  7. Shadow
  8. Cameron
  9. The Spark
  10. Minnow & The Machine
  11. Tied Together