Welcome 2 Club XIII

Produced by long-time Drive-By Truckers collaborator David Barbe and mainly recorded at his studio in Athens, Georgia, Welcome 2 Club XIII took shape over the course of three frenetic days in summer 2021—a doubly extraordinary feat considering that the band had no prior intentions of making a new album. “We had some shows coming up and decided to get together and practice, since we hadn’t even seen each other in a year and a half because of the pandemic,” Hood recalls. “We started demoing song ideas, and pretty soon we realized we had a whole record. It was all sort of magical.”Featuring background vocals from the likes of Margo Price, R.E.M.’s Mike Mills, and Mississippi-bred singer/songwriter Schaefer Llana, Welcome 2 Club XIII was recorded live with most songs cut in one or two takes, fully harnessing the band’s freewheeling energy.



1 The Driver
2 Maria’s Awful Disclosures
3 Shake and Pine
4 We Will Never Wake You Up in the Morning
5 Welcome 2 Club XIII
6 Forged in Hell and Heaven Sent
7 Every Single Storied Flameout
8 Billy Ringo in the Dark
9 Wilder Days