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Veteran NYC based Scottish electronic musician Drew McDowall's latest work is his loftiest, most liturgical, and least industrial outing to date - and potentially the apex of his recent discography. Named after an ancient Greek word for votive offering, Agalma exudes a hooded, devotional aura, creaking and keeling under vast rafters of stone, stained glass, and shredded wires. It's a music of majesty and mystery but also modernity, McDowall's refined modular system shape-shifting strings, piano, pipe organ, and choral masses into disorienting synthetic mirages of the sacred. He cites the intersection of “joy, terror, and the elegiac” as a centering inspiration –or, phrased more bluntly, “that 'what the fuck is going on' feeling.”


Agalma I (Folding)
Agalma II (ft. Caterina Barbieri)
Agalma III (Beacon ft. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe)
Agalma IV (ft. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe)
Agalma V (ft. Kali Malone) 07:30
Agalma VI
Agalma VII (Toyor El Janeh ft. Bashar Suleiman, Elvin Brandhi & MSYLMA)
Agalma I (ft. Maralie Armstrong-Rial)
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