Live at the Hollywood (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP (Double Pink & Blue)



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If you were lucky enough to catch one of Dimmer's extraordinary shows at The Hollywood in Avondale last year, you'll know just how exciting this live album is set to be. With a line-up that saw Shayne Carter reunited with usual suspects James Duncan and Gary Sullivan, along with new Dimmer recruits Louisa Nicklin, Durham Fenwick, and Neive Strang, the shows tore through the band's back catalogue with impressive energy and beautifully big sound. Now, Shayne has announced he is releasing Dimmer - Live At The Hollywood on his own new label Crystalator Records, recorded by RNZ's Andre Upston, and arriving next Friday (surprise!) on pink and blue double vinyl. - Flying Out

DimmerLive At The Hollywood” features cherry picked versions from the entire Dimmer repertoire, recorded by RNZ’s Andre Upston over a sold-out three night stand in Tāmaki Makaurau. “Live performance has always been it for me,” Shayne Carter says “but I’ve usually found live recordings ropey. I was actually blown away by how good the Hollywood recordings were, and how they included angles and extrapolations on the tunes that aren’t on the original recordings. Although I stand to financially gain from the exploitation of this artefact I wholeheartedly recommend the item to the general listening public”.

  1. Getting What You Give
  2. Drop You off
  3. I Believe You Are a Star
  4. Pendulum 
  5. Drift
  6. Smoke 
  7. Seed
  8. Under the Light 
  9. Scrapbook 
  10. All the Way to Her 
  11. What’s a Few Tears to the Ocean 
  12. Evolution 
  13. Searching Time 
  14. Crystalator