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And now the moment we've all been waiting for... Just announced, it's Delaney Davidson's tenth studio album Out Of My Head. Having spent the last several years touring relentlessly, releasing his own records and helping uplift the likes of Marlon Williams, Tami Neilson, and more recently Troy Kingi, there's a distinct sense here that now is the hour of Delaney Davidson. Co-produced with Mark "Merk" Perkins, whose synth sensibilities help nudge the songs in fresh new directions, the album is - without a single doubt in our minds - the absolute finest in the DD catalogue yet. Featuring very special guests Marlon Williams and Reb Fountain, and with friends like Hayley Westenra, Sam Scott, and more popping by to co-write some songs, Out Of My Head is this rough diamond's moment to really get his sparkle on. Take a listen to brand spanking new single Don't Walk Away From Love, and just you try to walk away without loving it. - Flying Out

Delaney Davidson's 10th studio album.

Co produced by Mark Perkins (Merk) who brings his own luscious synth atmospheres to Davidson songs, giving a cinematic and deluxe feel to the album. Guest appearances from Marlon Williams (Drive Me Wild) and Reb Fountain (Heaven Is Falling) help fill the role call with Davidsons voice coming into its own.

“I have always helped other people like Tami, Marlon and Troy Kingi make these rich albums and when I asked Mark to come co produce with me I think what I was really wanting was to finally do one of these albums for myself."

Recorded in Kurow and Diamond Harbour (New Zealand), the songs were written largely by Davidson with notable co-writes, Hayley Westenra, Sam Scott, Marlon Williams and Miranda Eastern. Given the time to stand still in his globetrotting schedule produces a rare album from Davidson and Out Of My Head presents a body of work that makes up a poised and polished album. 

Track List:

  1. Out Of My Head
  2. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
  3. Dissociate From Myself Y
  4. You Drive Me Wild Ft. Marlon Williams
  5. Heaven is Falling Ft. Reb Fountain
  6. Please Baby Please Care Of You
  7. Racing Through The Night
  8. Leading You This Way
  9. Listen To the Stars
  10. Don’t Walk Away From Love
  11. Just Call

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