Ghost Songs


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Delaney Davidson: guitars, drums, organ, boxes and trash, trombone, saw, vocals.
Bob Drake: bass guitar on track 11, violin on track 4.

All songs by DD except "Hate a Man" by J.R. Morton, "I'm a Fool" by B Holiday and Wayfarin Stranger (trad).

Released April 20, 2012 

First release 30 July 2008
Tracks 1-11 recorded, engineered and mixed by Bob Drake at Studio Midi-Pyrénees, Caudeval France, summer 2007. Track 12 recorded by Delaney at his house. Produced by Bob and Delaney.


1. Sleeping Woman
2. Ophelia
3. Sinner's Road
4. Girl In White
5. Poison Song
6. Hate A Man
7. Stalker
8. Stone Song
9. I'm A Fool
10. Wayfaring Stranger
11. Everything Is Lost
12. Cowboy Costume

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