50 Synthesiser Greats (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

Chapter Music presents a vinyl reissue of Melbourne, Australia post-punk icon David Chesworth’s pioneering 1979 debut 50 Synthesizer Greats. The naively misspelled 50 Synthesizer Greats is actually 37 tracks of minimal synth investigations, full of inquisitive humour and experimental spirit. The album was recorded in late 1978 in David’s parents’ lounge room, on a Mini Korg 700 borrowed from post-punk icons Tch Tch Tch. David was only 21 in 1979, but his energy and accomplishments were prodigious. That year he formed the much-loved Essendon Airport with Robert Goodge, coordinated experimental music venue the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre, and founded the Innocent Records label with Tch Tch Tch leader Philip Brophy. Chesworth’s late 70s/early 80s records and productions have become sought after collectors’ items and DJ holy grails, across projects such as Essendon Airport, Whadya Want, Chocolate Grinders and others. He has since become a renowned contemporary classical composer and sound artist, represented in the 2015 Venice Biennale. 50 Synthesizer Greats is where it all began for David Chesworth, and remains one of his most engaging and remarkable works. The remastered album is reissued with liner new notes and photos, plus two digital bonus tracks.


  1. The Great Yawn 
  2. Have Beat - Will Travel 
  3. Could You Repeat That? 
  4. Green Lady 
  5. 3 3/4 
  6. Malignant Humour 
  7. Give 'Em Heaps 
  8. Kraut Mich Mit Einem Dachshund 
  9. Do The Boogaloo 
  10. C.H.C.M.C.
  11. Hommage To Billy Holiday
  12. A-Sat 
  13. The Shady Elements 
  14. I Told You So 
  15. Etc 
  16. Necrophilia 
  17. Forbin Project 
  18. Bi-Pole Antenna 
  19. O! Wow! 
  20. Flea Circus 
  21. Synthetic Neo Classic Promenade 
  22. Joe Fibernacci - Private Eye 
  23. Inverted Commas Space Outlaw
  24. Co-Co-Nut Smooth 
  25. Feelings Diminished 
  26. Alternately Yours 
  27. Just About 
  28. It's All Done With Headphones 
  29. Mind Your Expander 
  30. Making Waves 
  31. No Strings 
  32. 100 
  33. It Don't Mean A Thing 
  34. Then I Transmitter 
  35. Feline Twice The Cat 
  36. Tropical Fruit Salad 
  37. No Name 
  38. And/Or = 1