Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasures - Taken From The Vaults

Vinyl LP

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The Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasures series began life sixteen years ago. Some music lovers will remember where they were when they first heard the initial CD: it made that sort of impact. The last volume hit the shops nine years ago, just in time for Dave to see his final creation before his death – which he knew was imminent.

Dave had notated all the sides he considered worthy of inclusion in his series and once some awkward licensing problems are cleared it’s likely a final volume will be issued, using mainly Dave’s own words to describe the music. In the meanwhile Kent are releasing a vinyl LP to keep Dave and the series’ memory alive; something we feel he would have approved of as it was his proudest achievement in a life that touched so many issues and people.

There are selections from each volume: Dave thought each of his selections had equal merit. When a soul music website recently ran a thread on collectors’ personal favourites from the CDs, the results were as wide-ranging and sometimes contradictory as he would have hoped for. The tracks should be well known to converts and the main aim of the release is to freshen the series with an alternative format and presentation. Inevitably it will make an impact with some new music fans and swingers (copyright DG) who missed the first furore, possibly due to their tender years. For those lucky souls 100 blissful tracks lie ahead of them, minus this dozen, once they’ve located a turntable.


  1. Like It Stands – Robert Ramsey
  2. It’s Not That Easy – Reuben Bell & The Casanovas
  3. Songs To Sing – Raw Spitt
  4. These Four Walls – Irma Thomas
  5. Losin’ Boy – Eddy Giles
  6. Just Loving You – Ruby Andrews
  7. You Got Me Jaibi (Alt. Version)
  8. Try Love – Dori Grayson
  9. I’m Sorry I Hurt You – Nat Phillips
  10. I Don’t Care Anymore – Doris Duke
  11. You Make Me Feel Good – Lawrence Jaibi
  12. Who You Gonna Love (Your Woman Or Your Wife) – Rozetta Johnson

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