Time Out (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

Second only to Kind of Blue by Miles and Jazz Samba by Stan Getz, as the most commercially successful jazz record of all time (it even contained a single for the pop charts, Paul Desmond's magnificent 'Take Five'), Brubeck brilliantly popularised jazz and offered it as a palatable alternative to Bobby Vee. This album sold by the trunkload and made Brubeck a popular star. Those jazz critics who shunned him for becoming too commercial must eat their words, as this is a monumental album of the finest modern jazz. 'Blue Rondo a la Turk' and 'Kathy's Waltz' demonstrate this man's graceful, nonchalant class." - Rough Trade


  1. Blue Rondo a la Turk
  2. Strange Meadow Lark
  3. Take Five
  4. Three to Get Ready
  5. Kathy's Waltz
  6. Everybody's Jumpin'
  7. Pick Up Sticks
  8. Audrey