A Dawn Chorus: Early Cleaners and Beyond

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This is a collection of previously unreleased songs from founding member of the legendary lo-fi band The Cleaners From Venus, Martin Newell, before, during and after his time with the band (1967-1985). Newell collected these songs from the forgotten nooks and crannies of his colorful musical background.

This record is the first release from the band containing new songs from the time, since they disbanded in 1986. Liner notes unveil a personal glimpse into each song, written by Newell himself.As the finishing piece to the “Vol. 2” batch of formerly cassette-only releases from The Cleaners From Venus, the band’s cult continues to grow as a new generation discovers this influential band. This release comes off of critical claim from the first three records from the band, “Vol. 1,” released in spring of 2011.


1. Roots and Beginnings
2. Russian Picture
3. Bon Temps Roulez
4. Mrs. Killer
5. Sylvie In Toytown
6. Young Jobless
7. The Secret Dreams of a Kitchen Porter
8. It’s Been So Long
9. Something In My Eye
10. When Fire Burns Dreams 11 Amateur Paranoiac
12. Drowning Butterflies (Big Expensive Version)
13. Beyond the Blue Horizon