Body Riddle (Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP

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Available on vinyl for the first time since its 2006 release, this remastered edition lets us explore even deeper into the seismic power of one of Clark’s most highly revered albums. After his first two albums for Warp, Clark dropped his first name, going exclusively by his surname for his musical activities. Such a seemingly small change in presentation acted like an artistic re-debut, as his 3rd album, Body Riddle, completely blew all expectations of his capabilities out of the water.With an intense range of sound design that nods overtly to elements of krautrock, post rock, and musique concrète, Body Riddle is a record for extremophiles, jumping from the heaviest beats that will force the breath out of your lungs to the sweetest susurrations of melodies.

1. Herr Bar2. Frau Wav 3. Springtime Epigram 4. Herzog 5. Ted 6. Roulette Thrift Run 7. Vengeance Drools 8. Dew On The Mouth 9. Matthew Unburdened 10. Night Knuckles 11. The Autumnal Crush


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