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Chrome Canyon has long been inspired by original scores that are as revered as the films they soundtrack: Goblin's Suspiria, Wendy Carlos' A Clockwork Orange, Vangelis' Blade Runner, and Giorgio Moroder's Midnight Express. For his second album Director, Chrome Canyon creates his own soundtrack to an unmade film. It's pieces are intended to spark vivid, cinematic imagination. He says, 'Director is meant to accompany whatever it is you're doing while you're listening to it. Maybe that's a long nighttime drive, or a psychedelic walk through a city park, the music is meant to augment and heighten the experience. Director was recorded partly in Chrome Canyon's home near downtown Los Angeles and partly in the desert town of Landers, outside of Joshua Tree in California. The drama of the desert landscape inspired him to create a record that could be the soundtrack to a surrealist film.


  1. Broken Theme 
  2. Black Dawn 
  3. Snow in the Headlights
  4. Knife’s Edge 
  5. Looking Back is Blinding 
  6. Synthetic Dopamine 
  7. Flatworld 
  8. Coldshift 
  9. Cracks in the Dream 
  10. Analog Etude 

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