End The Summertime For(ever)

Vinyl LP

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Austin-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Spencer delivers a sample-studded mood board of bass-heavy hip hop, spiraling psychedelia, and disco-house, that explores time, aging, societal upheaval, the afterlife, and the cosmic perspective as they appear through the distorting, relentless heat of his native Texas.


01 The Way
02 Sunrelenting
03 Blacktop Mirage
04 Your Whole Life
05 Quiet Down
06 She Will Be
07 Schoolday Morning TV
08 Most 
09 Babylon at Last
10 Once We Die
11 Image of Ths Earth Before Our Time
12 That's The One (Too Bad)
13 Aya 3:23 14 Farthest Visible Rooftop 
15 Tele-Vangeli
16 E.O.T.S.

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