Playboys (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

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The collaborations between Chet Baker and Art Pepper were originally issued in such a disparity of ways that it might seem difficult at first to think about them as a coherent body of work. Their first session, for instance, was originally segmented in a variety of compilation albums, one tune each, and many times the selections were even abridged, suppressing a solo here or there. (Although it was recorded at the Forum Theatre, in Los Angeles, the aforementioned date is not a live concert but a studio session, with no public.)

Along with another equally splendid session, it was included in Baker and Pepper’s most famous album together, Playboys, which was also released (with a totally different cover but identical liner notes!) under the title Picture of Heath (the title of the first song, and a reminder that nearly all of the album’s tunes were Jimmy Heath’s compositions – two are by Art Pepper).



01. For Minors Only
02. Minor Yours
03. Resonant Emotions
04. Tynan Time


05. Picture Of Heath
06. For Miles And Miles
07. C.T.A.
08. Little Girl

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