The Jazz Experiments Of Charlie Mingus (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

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Reissue of the 1955 classic featuring Stormy Weather & Thrice Upon A Time.

Originally released as a series of 10-inches, before being compiled into an LP, this album is one of Charles Mingus’ first masterworks, an album that hints at the compositional flourishes he’d bring to his masterpieces Mingus Ah Um and Black Saint and the Sinner Lady.


  1. What Is This Thing Called Love (2013 - Remaster) 
  2. Minor Intrusion (2013 - Remaster)
  3. Stormy Weather (2013 - Remaster) 
  4. Four Hands (2013 - Remaster) 
  5. Thrice Upon a Theme (2013 - Remaster)
  6. The Spur of the Moment (2013 - Remaster)

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