Curriculum Vitae

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CCCVVV is the Brussels based duo of Clara Vellin and soFa elsewhere. The first Covid-lockdown drew these two old friends closer and both a love-story and burst of musical creativity followed.

A wide-eyed electronic record wearing its heart on an innersleeve, Curriculum Vitae chases after no real genre, preferring a very personal colour and style of its own. Music and passion entwined, it has resulted in this collection of intimate avant-pop-oddities.  The album collects whispers of 60’s chanson and psyched out chords, holding a playful spirit throughout.

Through the genre-no-genre approach, Curriculum Vitae distills down to a vital essence, constantly flirting with smartly infused elements from the past/present for the head, heart and feet.


1   The Harmonist-
2  Some Velvet Morning
3  Generationen
4  Alla Porta Subito
5  Die Unglücksreligion
6  Synthwalz
7  In Cerchio
8  Bacin Bacetto
9  Ritmo Denso
10  Trost Der Massen
11  Ein Kosmischer Tag