CAKEKITCHEN, THE - Time Flowing Backwards – Flying Out
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Time Flowing Backwards

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Vinyl LP


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Another classic New Zealand gets a re-issue with this lovely 1991 era LP from Graeme Jeffries outfit. Jeffries had started out in ace post punkers Nocturnal Projections before forming the magnificent This Kind of Punishment with brother Peter. When the Jeffries brothers went their separate solo ways Peter seemingly took the nasty bits with him whilst Graeme's music is much sweeter so we are left with a delightful LP of melodic, chiming pop.    
  1. Dave The Pimp 
  2. Witness To Your Secrets 
  3. Silence Of The Sirens 
  4. Machines
  5. File Under Filed 
  6. Airships
  7. Walked Over Texas 
  8. One Plus One Equals One 
  9. Is It Only Monday? 
  10. Boat To The Ceiling