Love Yourself 轉 Tear (White Vinyl LP)

White Vinyl LP

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For the first time ever, BTS’ highly successful mini album Love Yourself 轉 Tear is now available on vinyl! Featuring the group’s hit songs FAKE LOVE and The Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki), Love Yourself 轉 Tear landed on the top of the charts across the globe upon its original release in 2018.

Contents of this vinyl album package include a 12” Vinyl, Outer Sleeve, Booklet, Hologram Photo Card Set (incl. 7ea), Post Card and Sticker Set (incl. 2ea).


1. Intro: Singularity
2. Fake Love
3. The Truth Untold (Feat. Steve Aoki)
4. 134340
5. Paradise
6. Love Maze
7. Magic Shop
8. Airplane Pt.2
9. Anpanman
10. So What
11. Outro: Tear

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