Wait For Me / Just Fun

Vinyl 7"

Available on vinyl 7'.

Though boxing titan Joe Louis was throwing his last professional punches before they were born, teen group the Brown Bombers befit the Detroit ring legend’s ballistic nickname. Standouts among pubescent groups of their era, the Bombers naturally got lost in the fog of Motown’s Jackson Family explosion. While their unflappable energy is a prime mover on the a-side, the real treat here is elegant work from backing band the Soul Partners. Bearing the Amazing banner, this disc marked the first recorded appearance of the band that evolved into Al Hudson's Soul Partners (“Spread Love”) and eventually One Way. The flip hands the band its chance to shine with “Just Fun,” a simple —and essential— reprise of “Wait For Me” as instrumental.


  1. Wait For Me
  2. Just Fun

RIYL: Syl Johnson, The Contours