The Brian Wilson Anthology

2LP Vinyl

Brian Wilson's eponymous solo debut for Sire in 1988 launched an extended period of renewal for the iconic Beach Boys songwriter. Rhino revisits Wilson's solo career with a new 18-song collection that mixes studio and live recordings with two previously unreleased tracks: Run James Run, a new song Wilson wrote and recorded for this collection, and Some Sweet Day, an unreleased gem he wrote with Andy Paley in the early 1990s for an unfinished recording project.


- LP 1 -
Side A
1 Love and Mercy (Remastered)
2 Surf's Up (Remastered)
3 Heroes and Villains (Remastered)
4 Melt Away (Remastered)

Side B
1 Let It Shine (Remastered)
2 Some Sweet Day
3 Rio Grande (Remastered)
4 Cry (Remastered)

- LP 2 -
Side C
1 Lay Down Burden (Remastered)
2 The First Time (Live at the Roxy Theater, Los Angeles, Ca, 4/7-8/2000) [Remastered]
3 This Isn't Love (Live at the Roxy Theater, Los Angeles, Ca, 4/7-8/2000) [Remastered]
4 Soul Searchin' (Remastered)
5 Gettin' in Over My Head (Remastered)

Side D
1 The Like in I Love You
2 Midnight's Another Day
3 Colors of the Wind
4 One Kind of Love
5 Run James Run