Top Boy OST (Clear Vinyl 2LP)

Clear Vinyl 2LP (180g)

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Culled from across the various seasons of acclaimed British turf war drama Top Boy, with two extra tracks written for but not included in the series, this soundtrack collection is a must have for fans of Brian Eno. Set for release to coincide with the highly anticipated final season of the show, this marks the first time most of these atmospheric and evocative recordings will have been available to own. - Flying Out

Top Boy (ost) is an album by Brian Eno, released in 2023. Top Boy (ost) includes a.o. the following tracks: Top Boy Theme, Damp Bones, Waiting In Darkness, The Fountain King and more.

The album is a Coloured Vinyl, High Quality, Gatefold Sleeve electronic 2-LP.


1. Top Boy Theme
2. But Not This Way
3. Damp Bones
4. Cutting Room I
5. Floating On Sleep's Shore
6. Beauty and Danger
7. Beneath the Sea
8. Afraid of Things
9. Waiting In Darkness
10. The Fountain King
11. Washed Away In Morocco

1. Overground
2. Watching the Watcher
3. Sweet Dark Section
4. Sky Blue Alert
5. Delirious Circle
6. Cutting Room Ii
7. Dangerous Landscape
8. The Good Fight

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