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Warp Records have repressed it's seminal Boards of Canada releases on vinyl for the first time in five years.

"Geogaddi, the most anticipated sophomore full-length from an IDM act since Aphex Twin's SAW 2 in 1994, certainly looks and feels similar to the 1998 Boards of Canada debut, Music Has the Right to Children. The package design includes artful, bleached-out photos of children playing, while the lengthy track listing balances short vignettes with longer tracks. Fans will be delighted to hear that the music also reveals no great departure from one of the most immediately recognizable sounds in electronica; a pair of Scottish cottage producers apparently whiling away the hours creating music, Boards of Canada specialize in evocative, mournful, sample-laden downtempo music often sounding as though produced on malfunctioning equipment excavated from the ruins of an early-'70s computer lab" - All Music Guide


Ready Let's Go
Music Is Math
Beware the Friendly Stranger

Sunshine Recorder
In the Annexe
Julie and Candy
The Smallest Weird Number

Energy Warning
The Beach at Redpoint
Opening the Mouth

Alpha and Omega
I Saw Drones
The Devil Is in the Details
A Is to B as B Is to C
Over the Horizon Radar

Dawn Chorus
Diving Station
You Could Feel the Sky

Magic Window