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Limited Vinyl 3LP



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A year ago, Britpop behemoths Blur took the stage at Wembley Stadiumfor their biggest shows ever. Now, the band have announced they're releasing (at least) two different versions of the live show; a 2LP edition featuring 17 highlights from across the two nights, and a limited 25-track 3LP version that captures the Sunday show from start to finish, a show that Damon Albarn has said was their "best ever" performance. - Flying Out

Live at Wembley Stadium is a collection of songs captured across two unforgettable nights last summer - the biggest shows of the band’s 30+ year career to date - which saw Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree perform to over 150,000 fans at Wembley Stadium, blur’s first time ever to play the iconic London venue.

The extraordinary and hugely emotional shows on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July 2023 captured “…a sense of momentousness [Financial Times ★★★★★]” and “…fizzed with the vibrant energy of a band in their prime [Evening Standard ★★★★★].

Song highlights include The Narcissist and St Charles Square from their latest #1 album, the acclaimed The Ballad of Darren, as well as There’s No Other Way, Popscene, Beetlebum, Trimm Trabb, Villa Rosie, Coffee & TV, Under the Westway, Out of Time, To the End, Parklife, Song 2, This is a Low, Girls & Boys, Tender, and The Universal.

140g black 12" triple vinyl housed in a trifold outer sleeve and printed inner sleeves. Tracks taken from the Sunday Wembley show.


1. St Charles Square (Live at Wembley Stadium)
2. There’s No Other Way (Live at Wembley Stadium)
3. Popscene (Live at Wembley Stadium)
4. Tracy Jacks (Live at Wembley Stadium) 
5. Beetlebum (Live at Wembley Stadium)
6. Trimm Trabb (Live at Wembley Stadium)
7. Villa Rosie (Live at Wembley Stadium)
8. Stereotypes (Live at Wembley Stadium)
9. Out of Time (Live at Wembley Stadium)
10. Coffee & TV (Live at Wembley Stadium)
11. Under the Westway (Live at Wembley Stadium) 
12. End of a Century (Live at Wembley Stadium)
13. Sunday Sunday (Live at Wembley Stadium)
14. Country House (Live at Wembley Stadium)
15. Parklife (Live at Wembley Stadium)
16. To the End (Live at Wembley Stadium)
17. Oily Water (Live at Wembley Stadium)
18. Advert (Live at Wembley Stadium)
19. Song 2 (Live at Wembley Stadium) 
20. This Is a Low (Live at Wembley Stadium)
21. Girls & Boys (Live at Wembley Stadium)
22. For Tomorrow (Live at Wembley Stadium)
23. Tender (Live at Wembley Stadium)
24. The Narcissist (Live at Wembley Stadium)
25. The Universal (Live at Wembley Stadium)

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