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Starting life as a 4-track EP designed to follow this year’s earlier LP Dropper, the tracklist for We Fall Together quickly grew into its own beast, with studio outtakes, home recordings, and song-orphans finding their way into a coherent set. Pōneke guitar quartet Bleeding Star blew us all away at their The Others Way appearance, and we’re thrilled to get this surprise second album from them this year. They may be young, and relatively newly formed, but none of that is evident in their beautifully crafted indie rockery. - Flying Out

Earlier this year, Bleeding Star released their warmly received debut record Dropper. We Fall Together is a collection of songs that didn't make the cut for the Dropper sessions or were written just a little too late to be considered. 

Most of these songs were recorded over one day of tracking live in the studio. They were recorded at pace and while there may be a few clicks and bumps along the way, there is something compelling about the energy in the recordings and they capture the urgency and love that gave the session its momentum. 

Bleeding Star had not intended to release two records in a year, but with 17 year old guitarist Otis Hill still battling a rare cancer, the aim was to record everything that the band had written since they formed in February 2022 so that they could focus on new material and Otis' health.

This collection started as a 4 song EP, but it kept growing. Once the band added a few songs from other sessions (the song Acting was recorded in Christchurch and Red Eyes was recorded in a single sitting one Saturday morning in singer/guitarist Jude Savage’s bedroom) they realised they had an album of sorts. 

So while this record may not be as intentional as Dropper it is a heartfelt collage. A collection of orphans and stragglers that they love. 


1. We Fall Together
2. Is the Worrying Working? 
3. Never Snows 
4. Mid Winter Christmas
5. Newton’s Cradle 
6. Acting 
7. Carry Coffins
8. Graze
10. Red Eyes