Vespertine (2012 Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP

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STAFF PICK "Having put our fears of Y2K behind us, this turn of the century album feels like doomy folk songs cuddled up in lush instrumental beats" Matthew Davis

Björk's fourth album is more upbeat than 1997's Homogenic and features a lush, mellow sound. Electronica duo Matmos provide production work and cult movie director Harmony Korine contributes the lyrics to one track. Includes the single Hidden Place.


Side A
1. Hidden Place
2. Cocoon
3. It's Not Up To You

Side B
1. Undo
2. Pagan Poetry
3. Frosti

Side C
1. Aurora
2. An Echo, A Stain
3. Sun In My Mouth

Side D
1. Heirloom
2. Harm Of Will
3. Unison

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