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Vinyl 2LP (Peach)



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German composer, producer, and performer Ben Böhmer has announced his new album on Ninja Tune, with the likes of Lykke Li, Oh Wonder, Felix Raphael, and Jonah joining the party for an ebullient array of indie electronica and melodic house anthems. A joyful and heartfelt selection, Bloom is all about embracing imperfection and chasing that Best Life, which is incidentally the name of his brand new single. - Flying Out

Coming off a record-breaking world tour in support of his previous album, during which he sold out all dates months in advance, Ben Böhmer made a point to take time to himself and return to the space that compels him the most: his studio. It’s there that he’s able to truly channel his passion for spontaneous creativity and relentlessly focus on honing a craft that allows him to express deep, complex feelings. He tackled grief on his breakthrough debut album, Breathing, and separation on its follow-up, 2021’s Begin Again.


1. Martin
2. Hiding (Feat. Lykke LI)
3. Best Life (Feat. Jonah) 
4. Memory Cassettes
5. Beautiful (Feat. Malou)
6. Faithless (Feat. Erin Lecount)
7. Rust
8. Evermore (Feat. Enfant Sauvage)
9. Rain (Feat. Max Milner)
10. The Sun (Feat. Oh Wonder)
11. Blossoms

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