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Big Cheap Motel - Flying Out


Big Cheap Motel


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The first of Siltbreeze Axemen re-issues one out of the gate is the trio's 1983 Big Cheap Motel, their difficult third album, their protest album (following the blistering, insane, and completely live debut Equinox and the studio / live tribute to punk-dub-beer-noise-cubism, Mick's Dancefloor (Mix)). Rarely heard outside the Southern Hemisphere, this montage of rough-and-ready live performances and Peterboro Studio recordings teeters on the precipice of chaotic genius alongside such stalwarts as Alternative TV / Hear & Now's What You See Is What You Are and 1/2 Japanese's Loud.‚

Says band member Stevie McCabe; "Bob and myself went down to check out the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, the scene of the summertime concert-in-the-park series of free outdoor events sponsored by the local council and Big M milk drinks, only to find the park plastered with billboard-sized posters of scantily clad young ladies advertising the sponsor's wares. We immediately scrapped our set list-- which extolled the joy of festivals and praised the council and Big M milk drinks as worthy town governors and milk-based food products, respectively-- and replaced them with a set of 'protest' songs about the travesty, which were performed at the event, to the mild annoyance of the council and the sponsors. Following this brutal coming of age and awakening to the influence and power of advertising, The Axemen swore to use advertising to its full extent in future, but only for good (e.g. promotion of The Axemen), never for evil (anything else)."‚

Not exactly a Crass concert, but, hey, be careful what you wish for. Comes with a reproduction of original insert and original cover design, in a one-time edition of 500.


Artist: Axemen
Title: Big Cheap Motel
Label: Siltbreeze
Cat #: SB115
Format: 12" LP
Year: 1983 - re-issued 2009
Recorded: Originally released as a cassette in 1983; documents the band's assault on a free concert sponsored by the Big M milk conglomerate.

Track List:

  1. Prelude
  2. Big Fat 'M'
  3. Big Fat 'M'
  4. Scanty Town Ride
  5. Angel Must Be A Centerfold
  6. Big Cheap Motel
  7. Stoopid Symbol Of Woman-Hate
  8. Just A Pollutant
  9. The Pornographic Milk Drink
  10. Peter And The Milk Drink
  11. Can't Stand Up For 40-Inch Busts
  12. We Love You
  13. M Doesn't Stand For Mother



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