Mature Themes (LP)

Vinyl LP

For the best part of a decade, Los Angeles native Ariel Rosenberg has been carving some of the most intoxicating music going, a reclusive pop surrealist whose corroded productions have led to a cult following that has often been difficult to keep up with. Now signed to 4AD, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti release Mature Themes.


Side 1

  1. Kinski Assassin
  2. Is This the Best Spot?
  3. Mature Themes
  4. Only in My Dreams
  5. Driftwood
  6. Early Birds of Babylon
  7. Schnitzel Boogie
  8. Symphony of the Nymph
  9. Pink Slime
  10. Farewell American Primitive
  11. Live It Up
  12. Nostradamus & Me
  13. Baby

Side 2

  1. Is This the Best Spot?
  2. Mature Themes
  3. Only in My Dreams
  4. Driftwood
  5. Early Birds of Babylon
  6. Schnitzel Boogie
  7. Symphony of the Nymph
  8. Pink Slime
  9. Farewell American Primitive
  10. Live It Up
  11. Nostradamus & Me
  12. Baby