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Leave Love Out Of This

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#7 Flying Out favourite albums of 2021

Anthonie Tonnon Leave Love Out Of This must surely be one of the most intelligent collections of songs to come along in some time. Tonnon's careful crafting when it comes to every element of songwriting is matched only by his evident passion for the songs themselves. The perfect amalgamation and evolution of everything we've loved about this fellow on previous releases!

Anthonie Tonnon and Jonathan Pearce (The Beths) recorded Leave Love Out Of This between 2017 and 2020, and in that time, Tonnon’s practise evolved heavily. He began incorporating new technologies into his work, including the Wellington-designed Synthstrom Audible Deluge – which he would later use to control music and lighting in his immersive show for planetariums, A Synthesized Universe.

Though his sound has evolved over time, Tonnon’s deft lyricism has been a constant. The artist tackles the rise to the top of the television industry in ‘Entertainment’ as expertly as he did evolution and the future of work in ‘Two Free Hands’, and environmental disaster and regulatory failure in ‘Mataura Paper Mill’. Tonnon has been long-listed for esteemed songwriter title the APRA Silver Scroll Award three times, making it to the top five for ‘Water Underground’, his excoriation of the mismanagement of fresh water and democracy in Canterbury.

On Leave Love Out Of ThisTonnon and Pearce move beyond the 1970s technology that powered Successor – and into electronically generated percussion, and textures that blur the lines between organic and synthesized sound. Guitars are set against synthesizers, and drums against drum machines, in a story about an athlete who is given a once-in-a-lifetime chance at a career in television.

• Deluxe LP comes with bonus 7” containing 'Lockheed Bomber'


  1. Entertainment
  2. Two Free Hands
  3. Old Images
  4. Leave Love Out Of This
  5. When I'm Wrong
  6. Christopher
  7. Peacetime Orders
  8. Matura Paper Mill