Sung Tongs (20th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl 2LP, Canary Yellow & Ruby Red)

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Vinyl 2LP (Canary Yellow & Ruby Red)



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Released a brain-tickling twenty years ago this year, 2004's Sung Tongs was the album that really cemented Animal Collective as a group to reckon with. Overflowing with the kinds of "celebratory dances and momentary epiphanies" that Pitchfork celebrated upon its initial release, including fan favourites like Who Could Win A Rabbit, College, and Leaf House, this record was written and recorded by a duo version of the band - that being Avey Tare and Panda Bear. Now revived and reissued on double coloured vinyl, it doesn't matter who could win a rabbit, because you could own Sung Tongs! - Flying Out

Recorded in a house in rural Colorado, and engineered and mixed by Rusty Santos, Sung Tongs is a dazzling, bold and adventurous pop album. Diverse in its scope and yet fully coherent, the album moves from chiming acoustic guitar songs to gentler, more dispersed picked ballads, to sprawling, guitar-swell psychedelics, bubbling, acid-warped vocal fx, and tribal, almost shamanic trance-outs based around looping vocals and hypnotic kick-pulses.

  1. Leaf House
  2. Who Could Win A Rabbit
  3. The Softest Voice
  4. Wainters Love
  5. Kids On Holida
  6. Sweet Road
  7. Visiting Friends
  8. College
  9. We Tigers
  10. Mouth Wooed Her
  11. Good Lovin Outside
  12. Whaddit I Done

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