And That's The Story Of Jazz


And that's the story of jazz... Get it? Well, maybe you had to be there when legendary saxophonist Akira Sakata, guitarist Jim O'Rourke and bombast rhythm crew of percussionist Chris Corsano and double bassist Darin Gray (aka Chikamorachi) jumped in the van for a Japanese tour. This two CD set documents their 2008 jaunt -- not the first and far from last -- in blistering detail. Shades of Last Exit, Coltrane's Live in Seattle and even Kousokuya appear here but this quartet has nailed its own unique 'n' volatile tension and symmetry during its past six years together. Until now, their albums have only been available as Japanese imports. This is also the third U.S. release by Sakata on Family Vineyard in the past three years.

"Hanamaki in Iwate was the last city we visited during our Japan quartet tour in 2008. An old friend of mine from Ootuchi town lived by the Pacific Ocean where the tsunami disaster occurred on March 11, 2011. Mr. Yoshitaka Sugaya was a important figure of jazz in Ootuchi town, which was totally destroyed by the tsunami. He came to see our concert in Hanamaki on Oct. 14.

As of today, March 27, 2011, he is still missing.

With enormous gratitude and appreciation to him; with sincerest condolences - I dedicate this album in his behalf. My utmost sympathy goes out to the world wide populous who have endured the pain and suffering of this tragedy."

- Akira Sakata


1. Kyoto 28:28
2. Hamazaki 25:25
3. Nagoya 1 22:42
4. Nagoya 2 10:36
5. Nagoya 3 15:01