Alone Together

Vinyl LP

Alone Together is the debut release from Children’s Hospital. If their despondent sounds remind you of something you may have once heard its because this is the latest project from the A-Frames/Intelligence/Rodent Plague/AFCGT axis. Reminiscent of the brooding and gray skyline of their hometown of Seattle the duo hover between abstract soundscape compositions, Jandek inspired bouts of melancholy droned out dementia, and stripped apart abrasive punk...often combining several of the forms at once. If recent Rodent Plague releases on Killshaman and Jerkave Tapes are any indication it would be ill-advised to sleep on Children’s Hospital.


  1. Roots
  2. Unseen
  3. Preschool Of Atonement
  4. If You Find Me I’m Here
  5. Left Handed
  6. Exodus Return
  7. After The Aftermath
  8. Blue/Green Algae
  9. Words Of The Prophet