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Gone Aiwa


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Above Ground was a fleeting yet no less important piece in the awesome DIY Christchurch scene of the early ‚√≥¬ª80s. Together only for a short period in 1983, the band was comprised of Bill Direen (Vacuum / Builders), Carol Direen, Maryrose Crook (Max Block / Renderers) and Stuart Page (Axemen). They combined a ubiquitous and detached Velvet Underground vibe and a smattering of early Modern Lovers keyboard angst with some kind of Sky Saxon / Seeds psychedelic mojo. Above Ground was a formidable outfit in their brief existence and deserve more than a mere footnote in the history of one of the most vibrant scenes to exist in the past 30 years.

Gone Aiwa originally saw life as a limited-edition cassette made to order and sold to various shops and at the occasional gig. So unless you were there (and chances are, you werent a good bet this material will be fresh to your ears‚‚though two tracks did see the light of day on the Direen / Builders retrospective CD, Max Quiz, released by Flying Nun in the mid '90s. Gone Aiwa the album is finally realized, and what a wonderful thing it is to behold. Just goes to show it's never too late.

- Siltbreeze


Artist: Above Ground
Title: Aiwa
Label: Siltbreeze
Year: 1983. Re-issued 2011
Format: LP

Recorded: On an AIWA TPR-910 portable stereo cassette recorder between April and May 1983. Originally released as a cassette and booklet.

Track List:

  1. Black Doors
  2. Green Afternoon
  3. Flat Feet
  4. Gray Goose
  5. Spooky Nighttimes
  6. 1,00,00 Hearts
  7. Magpies
  8. Coalman
  9. Dreams of Rats
  10. Gabriel's Vinyl Trumpet
  11. Johnny Devlin's Shoes
  12. Sunday News
  13. Saturdays
  14. Unclean

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