3Ds, THE

The Venus Trail (Reissue)

Flying Nun

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Flying Nun Records and The 3Ds are pleased to announce the 2021 vinyl reissue of The Venus Trail, due out October 22nd. This vinyl reissue has been remastered by long-time friend and engineer Tex Houston, taken from the original tape masters held at the Alexander Turnbull Library.

Originally released in 1993, and recorded in a disused Masonic Lodge in Dunedin, The 3Ds’ second full-length album, The Venus Trail, has all the insanity, silliness, and in-your-face guitar blasts from the band's earlier releases. 

The album’s swarm of gruesome guitar tunes makes it an immediate attention grabber, and the songs are well balanced by rock solid lead vocals that pull the wayward free-for-all toward some semblance of melodic order. 

The 3Ds are a Flying Nun supergroup of sorts; made up of members from Look Blue Go Purple, Snapper, Bird Nest Roys, Exploding Budgies and Goblin Mix. Starting off as three ‘D’ members; Denise Roughan, David Saunders and Dominic Stones, they were very quickly joined by a fourth ‘D’ — David Mitchell. Despite the supergroup status, the band didn't originally intend to be anything more than a casual good-time band, hanging around for some drinks and laughs. Regardless of this ethos, The 3Ds very quickly got too good to stay on the sidelines, and eventually the group got picked up by old faithful, Flying Nun Records.

With 1992’s Hellzapoppin firmly assuring the band’s place in what was now called ‘alternative music’, their sophomore album, The Venus Trail, became the joyous peak of The 3Ds journey; the cross-over of noise and pop found its home.


    1. Hey Seuss
    2. Philadelphia Rising
    3. Cash None
    4. The Golden Grove
    5. The Venus Trail
    6. Beautiful Things
    7. Man On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown
    8. Jane Air
    9. The Young And The Restless
    10. Summer Stone
    11. Ice
    12. Spooky