Strange News From The Angels

Flying Nun

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One look at the cover image, shows that things appear seriously amok in the 3Ds' world. A lecherous couple play a drunken card game next to a carnivorous plant, a decapitated body, a rabid dog and a dying angel. Things run amok on the musical front too.

This, the group's third and last album (1996), shifts away from the sloppy fuzz-pop of its predecessors into a more pensive, emotive work. Nonetheless, the 3Ds innate ability to weld noise and melody together is as strong as ever and the band's tongue-in-cheek quirkiness is never far behind. The feedback-drenched riffs of old snake into darker territory on songs such asDust, while "Riding The Whale" has a sweet expansiveness that suits its title all too well. An album that packs passion, fury and fun into songs that are at times a bit like drinking tequila in a churchyard, all of which makes Strange News verge on the kind of dangerous antics depicted on the cover.


  1. Dust
  2. Seven Days Of Kindness
  3. Fangworld
  4. Animal
  5. Vector 27
  6. Riding The Whale
  7. The Firey Angel
  8. Ben
  9. Devil Red
  10. Big Red Heart
  11. I Believe In You
  12. Castaway
  13. Carrion Days
  14. The Wish