Halak Halak


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In the wake of their debut EP, the mighty electronic music duo from Haifa are releasing their first album, which will showcase their trademark style: Levantine dabke rhythms, powerful beats, sinuous synth lines and occasional dubby flavours.

Zenobia are at the forefront of the new, vibrant Palestinian electronic music movement, originating in parallel between Haifa and Ramallah, scattered yet gradually more unified, and now extending across the borders to Amman, Beirut and the diaspora. The band consists of Nasser Halahlih, a pioneer who has been at the core of the scene since its early days, and fleet-fingered keyboardist Isam Elias.

Track List:

  1. El Intro 
  2. Sa7rawe 
  3. Desert Hafla 
  4. Edine 
  5. Ksr Ksr Ksr 
  6. Halak Halak 
  7. Funky
  8. Egal 
  9. Yalla Yalla 
  10. Shaglaba 
  11. El3ab El3ab


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