EP Collection (EPs I & II)

Vinyl LP (Black)
Yumi Zouma's EP Collection bundles the band's celebrated EP and EP II together on one vinyl record (side A and B respectively), along with a previously unreleased outtake Right, Off The Bridge and a cover of Air France's It Feels Good To Be Around You. Packaging features Yumi Zouma's embossed cursive logo against an all ­white jacket, while an inner liner bears the iconic covers of EPs I & II.


A1. A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers
A2. Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up
A3. The Brae
A4. Riquelme
A5. It Feels Good To Be Around You (feat. Air France)
A6. Right, Off The Bridge
B1. Dodi
B2. Alena
B3. Catastrophe
B4. Second Wave
B5. Song For Zoe & Gwen