Colossal Youth

Vinyl LP

Young Marble Giants appeared on the British music scene in the early 80s, releasing one perfect album and a handful of tracks. All those songs, as well as album demos, are collected here for the first time. A must-have for fans of The Slits, Pere Ubu, Wire, Suicide, PiL, and the Pop Group. Since 1980, YMG have influenced countless bands as disparate as Belle & Sebastian and Hole (both of whom have covered the group's songs).


  1. Searching For Mr Right
  2. Include Me Out
  3. The Taxi
  4. Eating Noddemix
  5. Constantly Changing
  6. N.I.T.A.
  7. Colossal Youth
  8. Music For Evenings
  9. The Man Amplifier
  10. Choci Loni
  11. Wurlitzer Jukebox !
  12. Salad Days
  13. Credit In The Straight World
  14. Brand - New - Life
  15. Wind In The Rigging